We're coming back soon!

After almost three years, our website is getting its first major update.

We are working hard on polishing this redisgn so stay tuned!

What's coming...

More GDG Love

We are focusing on how to be much contrubuting to GDG community, and to show more love.

Exciting Stories

Our team is thilled to share new exciting stories with GDG community, useful stories from our journey

Women TechMakers

WTM Chlef is 02 years old now, known before as GDG Chlef Women, this young active team was and still our pride.

Public Presentation

We are happy to announce that we are going to share all our amazing presentations from our 03 years journey.

Public Designs

We know that all GDGs around the world loves our designs, we've seen this love, therefore we are publishing all our designs public.

More exciting events

More Great, Big, Impactful events are coming and we are working hard to pepare well for them and to integrate more inovative people.

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